Trajectories / Sentinelles

Transdisciplinary research on climate change adaptation in mountain territories at the University Grenoble-Alpes

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Presenting the tools

Area of socio-ecological sustainability transformations

Collective dynamics for climate change adaptation in mountain territories

Tools for knowledge co-production between scientists and practitioners

Citizen agora

Scientific methods for transdisciplinary knowledge integration

Multi-criteria analysis of future scenarios

Adaptation pathway analysis

Background documents

Tools for knowledge co-production

Sentinel Alpine Pastures : An original programme for a new form of shared governance to face the climate challenge. Revue De Geographie Alpine-Journal of Alpine Research 102.



Lavorel et al. (2018). "Mustering the power of ecosystems for adaptation to climate change. Environmental Science & Policy 92:87-97


Enora Bruley (2019). "Engaging stakeholders to elucidate social-ecological processes of global change adaptation: from the past toward the future". Poster at l’International Mountain Conference, Innsbrück.