Yearly workshop on the co-construction of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary master theses on sustainable development

19th May 2022

Co-organised by Tom Dedeurwaerdere (LPTransition), Audrey Beghon (Project manager "Teaching and sustainable development") and Antoinette Brouyaux (Associations 21)

Louvain-la-Neuve, Auditoire des sciences

Participation is free, but registration is required: registration form

Short presentation: workshop abstract

Presentations (in French)
Overview of the initiative of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary master thesis on sustainable development
Tom Dedeurwaerdere and Antoinette Brouyaux
Interdisciplinary program in the creation of SMEs
Priscilla Milis
Interdisciplinary research group on Socialisation, Education and Training
Charlotte Préat,Zoé Davreux, Benoit Galand
Legal Clinic Rosa Parks
Celine Romainville
Example of partnership research project in public health
Isabelle Aujoulat et Anne-Catherine Dubois

Background documents (in English)

Bibliography and short videos of transdisciplinary
Keynotes ofthe November 2021 conference on transdisciplinary research: short overview (video)

Background document (in French)

Introduction to transdisciplinary research processes
Prof. Tom Dedeurwaerdere, conférence à l’Université de Grenoble

Hervé Jeanmart: Professor UCLouvain (science and technology)
Nathalie Frogneux: Professor UCLouvain (social sciences and humanities)
Tom Dedeurwaerdere: Professor UCLouvain (social sciences and humanities)
Antoinette Brouyaux : Associations 21
Gwenaël Laurent: Phd fellow UCLouvain
Martin Colla: Phd fellow UCLouvain
Audrey Beghon: project manager LLL"teaching and sustainable development"

Yearly conference with call for papers

Conference on interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research for sustainable development. 1st edition. 26 November 2021.

Access to the conference documents
* short video with the conference highights
* abstracts and conference presentations
* conference key-notes


Seminar on partnership for energy transition research
23 October 2018 - Institute of Mechanics, Material and Civil Engineering (IMMC) - UCLouvain

Research for supporting transition pathways

Research around specific transition pathways has been co-constructed with societal actors, in particular during the Co-creation Forum (28-29 April 2016). Research in the following transition pathways is currently developped with our partners:

  • Industrial materials design for the circular economy: specific topic on recycling of batteries for urban electric cars, plus social innovation for car sharing on the model of the city of Paris.
  • Renewable energy (biomass): specific topic on electricity from dry biomass in municipalities/cooperatives.
  • Sustainable agriculture and local/regional consumer-producer partnerships: project of a sustainable food district in the province (ceinture alimentaire du Brabant-Wallon) and projet of sustainable cereal production in the region around Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve.
  • Accompanying aging populations: project of insertion of elderly persons in life communities (intergenerational housing projects around Ottignies).
  • Activation of social welfare benefits: accompanying contractualisation of social welfare benefits in context of poverty.
  • Transition pathway on sustainability indicators and sustainability accounting in public administrations, social profit and for-profit companies.

Research Projects

city4coEN : Collaborative cities for collaborative entrepreneurs (2017-2021)

  • This project will conduct a comparative and systematic assessment of advantages and disadvantages of organisational and business models of the collaborative economy in the Region of Brussels-Capital in three specific sectors: mobility, housing and food. The project is a collaboration between 3 Belgian universities (UCLouvain, StLouis and Odisee-KUL).
    It is financed by Innoviris Brussels-Anticipate (Prospective Research).
    >>>Detailed project description

Formative scenarios for sustainability (2017-2021)

  • This project will construct, through participatory methods, future scenarios for sustainable regional development in the area of Walloon Brabant, Belgium. In particular it (a) will accompany a set of real world laboratories for transition in this territory facilitated by the co-construction of these scenarios and (b) compare the methods used for scenario building to other territorial transition processes in Europe.
    It is financed by the Wallon Institute for Sustainable Development - WISD.
    >>> Detailed project description