Oikos Workshop MAy 2022

Workshop on the co-construction of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary master theses on sustainable development

1st EDITION: 19th May 2022

Co-organised by Tom Dedeurwaerdere (LPTransition), Audrey Beghon (Project manager "Teaching and sustainable development") and Antoinette Brouyaux (Associations 21)

Louvain-la-Neuve, Auditoire des sciences

Short presentation: workshop abstract

Presentations (in French)
Overview of the initiative of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary master thesis on sustainable development
Tom Dedeurwaerdere and Antoinette Brouyaux
Interdisciplinary program in the creation of SMEs
Priscilla Milis
Interdisciplinary research group on Socialisation, Education and Training
Charlotte Préat,Zoé Davreux, Benoit Galand
Legal Clinic Rosa Parks
Celine Romainville
Example of partnership research project in public health
Isabelle Aujoulat et Anne-Catherine Dubois

Background documents

Bibliography and short videos of transdisciplinary research:tdresearch.net
Keynotes ofthe November 2021 conference on transdisciplinary research: short overview (video)

Introduction to transdisciplinary research processes
Prof. Tom Dedeurwaerdere, conférence à l’Université de Grenoble

Hervé Jeanmart: Professor UCLouvain (science and technology)
Nathalie Frogneux: Professor UCLouvain (social sciences and humanities)
Tom Dedeurwaerdere: Professor UCLouvain (social sciences and humanities)
Antoinette Brouyaux : Associations 21
Gwenaël Laurent: Phd fellow UCLouvain
Martin Colla: Phd fellow UCLouvain
Audrey Beghon: project manager LLL"teaching and sustainable development"